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Moran, Rich Principal


Carroll, Stacey Staff

Front Office Staff

Konshoj, Julee Staff
Roe, Carol Staff

Teaching Staff

Andrade, Denise Teacher
Bailey, Diana (831) 688-3235 ex.232 Teacher
Black, Elizabeth (831) 688-3234 Teacher
Bravo, Carol Teacher
Bruffey, Janette Teacher
Bryan, Jen Teacher
Cassar, Emilie (831) 688-3234 Teacher
Chollar, Susan (831) 688-3235 Science Teacher
Cornelison, Friday Teacher
Dressler, Eileen (831) 688-3234 Teacher
Eagar, Emily Teacher
Eldred, Lindsey Teacher
Elerick, Karen (831) 688-3234 Teacher
Etemad-Lehmer, Jenna (831) 688-3234 ex.242 Teacher
Fuller, Megan Staff
Hamilton, Jeff (831) 688-3234 Careers & PE Teacher/Coach
Kleinhans, Kelly Teacher
Louderback, Jodi (831) 688-3234 Teacher
Mallory-Reckers, Dana Teacher
Martin, Jim Teacher
Meck, Barbara (831) 688-3235 Teacher
Megorden, Susan (831) 688-3235 ex.217 Teacher
Moran, Rich Principal
Oklin, Cara (831) 688-3234 Teacher
Reason, Randy Teacher
Simms, David (831) 688-3234 Teacher of Mathematics
Smiley, Mark (831) 688-3234 Teacher
Smiley, Mary Teacher
Tommerdahl, Luann Teacher
Wallace, Robert Teacher
Westbrook, Deborah (831) 688-3234 Teacher